John 8.12-59

Jesus is the Light that reveals the true state of each heart in order to build it up in humility, wholeness, and freedom.

Make known to me your ways, Lord; teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior. For you I wait all the long day, because of your goodness, Lord. Remember your compassion and love, O Lord; for they are ages old. Remember no more the sins of my youth; remember me only in light of your love. Good and upright is the Lord, who shows sinners the way, guides the humble rightly, and teaches the humble the way.” (Psalm 25.4-9)

Accepting Truth

He said: “I am the world’s light;
The one who follows me will live
Apart from sin’s dark march of night —
It is the light of life I give.”

Those of this world did not know
Him, nor the One from whom He came:
Their faith was but an outward show;
Children of Abraham their claim.

“Know the truth; remain in My word,
And then the truth will set you free.”
Reality’s no longer blurred
In light of truth – humility.

The fear of truth can close the heart
To change — to see things in new ways;
We lose the chance at a fresh start
When walls of resistance are raised.

Hardened children of Abraham,
Could not accept the true I AM.

May the Light of the World reveal the truth of our hearts and grant us the grace of a humble determination to change.


(c) Paul Buis, 2005