John 7.1-52

Jesus invites each of us to soften the hardness that remains in our hearts, to renounce our instinctive judgements, and to discover new life in His Spirit.

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Render true judgment, and show kindness and compassion toward each other. Do not oppress the widow or the orphan, the alien or the poor; do not plot evil against one another in your hearts. But they refused to listen; they stubbornly turned their backs and stopped their ears so as not to hear. And they made their hearts diamondhard so as not to hear the teaching and the message that the Lord of hosts had sent by his spirit through the former prophets.” (Zechariah 7.9-12)

Hearts of Stone

In hearts crowded with disbelief,
Confusion and sharp judgements reign;
The truth’s regarded as a thief,
And justice is held in disdain.

He went among them secretly,
As rumors swirled all about;
No one spoke of Him openly,
For fear those in charge would find out.

He stood to teach and challenge them
“Did Moses not give you the law?
By what you perceive, you condemn.”
His teaching left many in awe.

“Let all who thirst come unto Me;
Rivers of living waters flow
Out from their hearts, abundantly.”
On them, His Spirit He’d bestow.

They stood dumbfounded at His word;
Yet few would accept what they heard.

May the Lord humble whatever hardness remains in our hearts so that we may thirst deeply for the life-giving waters of His Spirit.

(c) Paul Buis, 2005