John 13.21-38

Jesus depends on each of us to be trustworthy in our service to Him, and to not fall into the traps of rebellion and self-reliance.

Even the friend who had my trust, who shared my table, has scorned me.” (Psalm 41.10)


Deeply troubled by betrayed trust,
He turned to one who shared His bread:
“Go do this quickly, as you must.”
From life eternal, Judas fled.

On his own strength, Peter relied:
“Master, I’ll lay down life for You.”
“Will you? Amen, I’ll be denied
Three times by dawn” — faint hearts fall through.

The one whom Jesus loved reclined,
On His heart and stayed at His side;
His heart united and entwined,
To Him whose love wouldn’t be denied.

“A new commandment I now give:
Love each other as I’ve loved you.
In this way, all will know you live
As My disciples, pure and true.”

The hard of heart betray His love
And the self-reliant will fail;
The one who trusts will let go of
Selfish ways and let love prevail.

His love channels through hearts that trust
In His Spirit – we are but dust.

May the Spirit grant us the grace of complete confidence in His strength and complete surrender of self so that God’s love may flow unobstructed through our hearts.

(c) Paul Buis, 2005