John 12.27-50

Jesus asks each of us to walk in the light of life, to renounce the darkness, and to cling to His Word.

Hear, O my people, while I admonish you! O Israel, if you would but listen to me! There shall be no strange god among you; you shall not bow down to a foreign god. I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. But my people did not listen to my voice; Israel would have none of me. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels. O that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways!” (Psalm 81.8-13)

The Hour Has Come

He said, “My heart has grown heavy.
This is the reason that I came.
What shall I say – Father, save me?
Father, glorify Your name!”

“I have and I will glorify”
His Father’s voice thundered above.
Although the Son of Man would die,
He’d rise again, lifted in love.

“The time of judgement has now come:
The exile of this world’s king.
Walk in the light; do not succumb
To the dark – know where you’re going.

My words are of the Father’s choice;
These words are life if you believe.
Mercy’s for those who hear My voice;
Judgement’s for those who won’t perceive.”

His words condemn those who won’t hear;
Listen and live – these words are clear.

May the Lord teach us to turn to Him and listen with all our hearts, that we may always walk in the light.

(c) Paul Buis, 2005